How to Take Care of Your Oral Health and Hygiene 

  • Dental Health   •   April 3, 2018

For a beautiful and confident smile, maintaining a healthy oral care practice is mandatory! Oral health and hygiene need regular care, but that need not put you to worry. It is not necessary that oral care always have to be a lengthy, or an expensive affair neither it is a hard thing to do and follow every day.

To clear the widespread misconceptions about the oral care, The Tooth Company’s dental experts offer help on how to take care of oral health and hygiene easily and effectively.

Daily Dental Care Regimen

1. Brushing

Brush your teeth twice daily, every day.

Brushing the teeth is quite a simple task to do and do not take more than a couple of minutes. But not many follow that regularly, say our experts. Gum diseases and tooth decay are common dental ailments that can be avoided if you brush regularly.

Brushing the teeth removes plaque and bacteria from the mouth and lessens the chances of gum infections and tooth decays.

What is the right way of Brushing the Teeth?

Firstly, choose the right kind toothbrush that reaches the back of your mouth. Soft and rounded bristles clean the teeth softly and adequately. Harshly brushing your teeth causes the gum line to shrink, causing various dental problems.

  • Holding the brush at 45-degree angle to the teeth, brush the teeth in slow circular motion for two minutes.
  • Do not rush or scour the gums or teeth. Brush gently on all the sides, not just the frontal surface of the teeth. The chewing surface and the inside of the teeth should be brushed in similar gentle circular motion.

Keep in mind not to brush your teeth immediately after eating some sugary substance.

Change your toothbrush once every three months to avoid gum and teeth abrasion.

2. Interdental cleaning

Clean between the teeth once daily, every day

The in-between space between the teeth hosts plaque and bacteria. You may use an interdental toothbrush, dental floss, tape, or the electric water flosser to get rid of plaque and calculus build-up. Over a period, the plaque and the calculus harden and turn into tartar, causing tooth decay.

Following regular cleaning methods, help in keeping the oral hygiene in great shape and contributes to overall well-being too.

Plaque and calculus are formed in the body naturally every day. If they are let to accumulate by not cleaning daily, they entrench into the gum tissues and produce enzymes that start dissolving the root of the tooth slowly. Neglecting oral cleaning and hygiene may cost you periodontal problems.

Some Diet Precautions to Keep the Oral Health at its Best

We all know that sugar, in its varied form is not good for our overall health. So it is; for the oral health too.

Sugars and starch get stuck in the teeth and rapidly produce bacteria. The gum diseases, in turn, carry that bacteria into the bloodstream and end up clogging blood vessels in the heart. The doctors agree that there is a definite connection between gum and heart diseases.

  • Avoiding sugar and starch is the best way ensure clean teeth and gums.
  • Avoid acidic foods and drinks. The acid removes tooth enamel causing tooth sensitivity and makes the tooth predisposed to the cavity.
  • Avoid excess consumption of alcohol. The spirit disturbs the tissues inside the mouth and slows the restorative process.
  • Avoid smoking. The smoking affects the healthy cells in the gum tissue and impairs the blood flow to the gums and raises chances of gum infections many-folds.

Get Regular Dental Check-ups

Periodic visits to the dentist help to address tooth issues at an early stage. Even the smallest spot of tooth decay should be treated immediately to curb the chances of it getting into uglier and painful tooth ailment.

The dental experts in Hyderabad at The Tooth Company Clinic will advise you adequately on oral care specific to you. Get an appointment today and maintain oral and overall health.

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