Toothache Treatment
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Toothache Treatment


A toothache or tooth pain is most usually caused when the nerve to a tooth is disturbed, but there are many other reasons for a person to experience tooth pain. Risk factors for a toothache include dental infection, gum disease, plaque, dental decay, injury, cracked teeth, poorly placed fillings or crowns, failing or leaking fillings or crowns, loss of a tooth.  There are instances, however, where pain arising from outside the mouth spreads to the mouth, thus giving the impression that the pain is of tooth origin. This frequently happens when there is a problem with the jaw joint, ears, nerves, sinuses, or muscles. Occasionally, heart problems can give a feeling of tooth pain. Pregnancy can also be a risk for tooth problems that lead to pain. Due to fluctuating hormone levels during pregnancy, pregnancy gingivitis and tooth decay can occur.

Toothaches occur from inflammation of the central portion of the tooth called the pulp. The pulp contains nerve endings that are very sensitive to pain. Inflammation to the pulp, or pulpitis, can be caused by anything that has contact with the tooth.

Tooth decay occurs when foods containing carbohydrates (sugars and starches) are left on the teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth digest these foods, turning them into acids. The bacteria, acid, food debris, and saliva combine to form plaque, which sticks to the teeth. The acids in plaque dissolve the enamel surface of the teeth, forming holes in the teeth called cavities, or dental caries.

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