Teeth Whitening
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Teeth Whitening


Good oral hygiene habits are essential to keep up with good dental and general health. To remove surface stains on your teeth, regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkup are very helpful. When they are not adequate, strong remedies such as teeth whitening are required.

As long as we survive, we continue to eat, consume several types of food and drinks such as coffee and wine. Eventually, they stain the teeth and discolor them. It becomes necessary to go for tooth whitening. Smokers have regular teeth staining issues, despite whitening treatment. Tooth enamel can become darker, with age.

Generally, many prefer beauticians for tooth whitening. They are unaware of the existing dental issues, such as crowns, bridges. These cannot alter their color. Further, if there are other minor dental issues, unqualified and inexperienced beauticians fail to detect and rectify. They can put your health at risk.

Though tooth whitening looks simple, it is always preferable to take precautionary measures. A qualified dental specialist is capable of handling other minor or even major oral health issues, even when you go for such a simple procedure. Remember, your teeth have to last till your end.

Your teeth cannot be made bright white but can lighten the existing color by a few shades.  By default, teeth’s whitening is a process of bleaching the teeth, using solutions to lighten your teeth color. The procedure can take around 60 to 90 minutes.

At The Tooth Company, a Multi-Specialty dental care center, founded by Dr. Shailee Swarup, that follows the ‘Let’s Talk’ philosophy, located in Jubilee Hills of Hyderabad, offers Laser whitening popularly known as power whitening. A bleaching product is painted on to your teeth and a laser beam is focused on the teeth to activate the whitening. The procedure takes around less than an hour.

Consult The Tooth Company for stress and anxiety-free dental whitening.

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