Dental Braces
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Dental Braces


The dental braces are meant to straighten and align the teeth in the proper shape. Usage of dental braces help the teeth function as required and improve the facial appearance. At a young age, the teeth can be shaped in the earlier stage of misalignment. Otherwise, there is no restriction as to when or at what age one can opt for braces to rectify the dental issues.

People of any age can opt for dental braces and they work just as fine as in young age.

It is helpful to understand what braces can do so that you can know there is no age restriction on using braces. Braces basically apply slight and gradual pressure on the teeth and move them in the desired position to achieve perfect teeth alignment.

  • Braces straighten the protruding teeth

  • Crowded teeth due to limited space in the jawline can be rectified with braces

  • Crooked teeth can be straightened

  • Braces correct the malocclusion (such as over-bite, under-bite, cross-bite)

  • Braces correct the gap between the teeth

The above dental conditions can be addressed anytime with the use of appropriate dental braces for a stipulated time.

Having said that, there are ample options to choose from the kind of braces you want.

  • Metal or ceramic braces

  • Inman aligners

  • Smile aligners

  • Damon braces (Metal or Ceramic)

  • Ortho mini implants

  • Six month smiles

  • Lingual Braces

  • Removable orthodontic treatment like braces or myofunctional appliances

  • Clear aligners

The orthodontist is the best person to recommend which type of braces suit you based on your dental issues and preferences. Your requirement and age are considered for suggesting you an appropriate brace.

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