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Dr. Shailee Swarup


I am Dr. Shailee Swarup, not a general dental practitioner. I honestly do not prefer to see your anxiety, fear, mistrust, and uneasiness, when you visit my clinic. I am never a dentist to scare you. It was my passion to choose dentistry, by creating a clear difference in dental services. My philosophy is to take the fear and anxiety out of dentistry and provide the best-in-class treatments to my patients. We use cutting-edge technology to make our dental procedures painless and fearless.

I am a specialist dentist in prosthetic dentistry and dental implants. I did my dental science studies from Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai and went on to complete Advanced Implantology Training in Japan. Having years of experience in implant-related prosthetics and dental implants, I have also addressed numerous seminars about implantology in India. My articles are published in some of the leading international dental science journals. I am a proud member of IPS, ISOI, DCI, and fellow of ICOI in the US.

I have had the most distinct dental practice experiences with Aesthetica Dental Clinic, Kolkata, and A.P. Superspeciality Dental Hospitals, Hyderabad that have their marked presence in the dentistry practice.

All the years of my experience as a dentist, I noticed, how people are even scared of visiting a dental practitioner. There is fear, anxiety, uneasiness, and mistrust! I could not appreciate that as a doctor that my patients are fearful of consulting and taking proper treatments for their dental worries. Our clinic is done on minimalist design principles complemented with ultrasonic fragrance diffusers, NASA-approved indoor plants to regulate the oxygen level in the clinic. The entire clinic is done to provide a soothing and positive experience for the patients.

The Tooth Company is equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment devices, with 100% safe, radiation-proofed clinic. It is safe for pregnant women too. We have designed our ambiance in such a way as to make the nervous patients calm and confident about the treatment. We follow the 12 steps sequenced process of sterilization and adhere to international safety and hygiene standards. The monitor fitted customized dental chairs from Brazil are used to provide engaging audio-visual entertainment to the patients while the treatment is provided meticulously. The high precision dental devices are imported from Germany, Japan, and the US. The dental merchandises that we use in our clinic come from industry-renowned companies like 3M, DENTSPLY, SEPTODONT, etc.

I have some of the best specialist dentists in my team, who are incredibly skilled and responsive. They understand the concerns of the patient and offer detailed consultation to make the patients comfortable and confident.

I am extremely proud to say," The Tooth Company is truly a multi-specialty dental center". We are a modern dental care center offering honest, clean, and 100% safe dental experience.

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